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Sep 25, 2018

6848 Jubilee Ave, Burnaby BC

Another instagrammable cafe is La Foret. Located in a reconstructed auto body shop in Burnaby (near metrotown), this chic cafe is very spacious and has great ambience. A hidden gem that is somewhat new as it just opened last September (2017).


The forest (La Foret) inspired interior is seen through the high wooden beams with huge skylights that provide great lighting. The aesthetically pleasing wooden table benches, rock walls, and fauna around the cafe definitely capture the woodsy warm atmosphere of the place. There are also dangling twinkling lights from the ceiling and a tropical seating area in the middle, making it very instagram worthy.  Able to seat 84 people, there are plenty of tables for those studying individually, but they also offer large wooden tables for group meetings. There is a 2 hour maximum stay on weekends, which is pretty reasonable since it’s probably busier then.

We also loved that there was ample parking spots, one lot in the front and two in the back. This was one of the major plusses of this cafe as most cafes only have street parking.

The music playlist in the background is topnotch too, playing songs from Niall Horan to ____. It’s loud enough to hear it but it doesn’t overpower people’s conversations.


There are plenty of food options available. Check out their menu. They serve breakfast/brunch, sandwiches and sweet stuff such as waffle desserts and bing soo (Korean shaved ice). There is also an appetizing display of pastries and desserts from almond croissants to matcha cheesecake and macarons at the counter. The food prices were pretty average for a cafe ($7-$14.50).

We’ve tried the Avocado and Egg Sandwich, Classic Waffles, and the Bulgogi Platter. All were delicious, though a bit pricey! Their pastries such as the almond cream squid ink baguette and coffee bun are also quite tasty. Alecx thought the Avocado and Egg sandwich was a bit heavy on the avocado and probably why it was overpriced at $12, but it was good nonetheless. Far from being a coffee connoisseur, but I also enjoyed both the flavor and smoothness of their 2 oz. La Foret blend (dark chocolate and hazelnut).

We’ve been twice now and has become our go to cafe to plan blogs or trips.

It’s a great environment for students, bloggers, meetings, and those just catching up with others. Go check it out, if only for the instagram pictures!  

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